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A Guide To Picking The Right Bike Rack

January 19 2024

How to choose the right bike rack for you

Just like bikes, there is a huge number of options available when it comes to bike racks. It can be overwhelming, but this short guide will help you navigate through all the noise to find what is best for you. Whether you're a weekend warrior, a daily commuter, or an e-bike enthusiast, there's a perfect bike rack out there for your two-wheeled steed.

"With your vehicle type, bike count, and lifestyle in mind, selecting the right rack is a breeze."

Does your car have a towbar?

A tow bar mounted bike rack is a must-have. Easy to install and capable of carrying some serious weight, tow bar mounted bike racks come in three styles, each suited to different needs and budgets:

  1. Platform Style Rack: This is the VIP section for your bikes, providing dedicated positions and keeping them nicely spaced apart. It's a bit pricier but offers ease of use and superior bike protection. Some platform style racks have additional features like locks for added security.
  2. Prong Style Rack: If you're budget-conscious but still crave adventure, this robust option allows for flexible bike positioning which can take longer to set up. It's affordable and durable, perfect for the no-fuss cyclist.
  3. Vertical Hanging Rack: For those carrying a small peloton of bikes, this rack lets them hang upright, offering high capacity in a user-friendly design. Like the platform rack, it's an investment but delivers on capacity.
Mountain bike riders are standing around a ute with a platform bike rack on the towbar.

Does your car have roof rails?

The roof bike rack is your lofty solution. Ideal for keeping your vehicle footprint nice and small since you won’t have any bulky loads hanging out back. Roof racks are lightweight and versatile but they do require some upper body strength or a step stool to get those bikes stashed up top.

No roof rails or towbar on your car?

No worries, a boot mounted bike rack is what you need. Forget the fancy towbar and roof rails, you can strap a bike rack directly to the trunk of your vehicle. Added bonus, these boot mounted bike racks are typically lighter and more compact than their cousins and make for a quick and affordable solution for those adventurous folk with minimal gear.

An electric vehicle is by a lake with a boot mounted bicycle carrier strapped to the trunk of the car.

What bike do you want to carry?

Lucky enough to have an ebike? Check what the weight capacity is of the rack. You’ll need a solution that’s designed to handle the extra heft of your electric ally. With enhanced features to accommodate the weight, you’ll journey contentedly knowing that your e-bike is in safe hands, ready for wherever your adventures may lead.

Is it a road bike or a fat tyre shredder? Check the bike rack's wheel trays can fit your tire.

Is it an XXS or XXL bike frame? Then check if the bike rack can fit your bike’s wheelbase.

The rear view of a truck that has two ebikes sitting on a platform rack. A man is by the first ebike and looks ready to ride.

Making a choice

With your vehicle type, bike count, and lifestyle in mind, selecting the right rack is a breeze. Whether it's the space-saving roof bike rack or the versatile tow ball mounted options, the perfect bike rack enhances your cycling experiences, ensuring safety, convenience, and endless adventure.

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