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Popular FAQs


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Can I USE A 1-7/8" Towball for my rack?

Only our Advantage series prong racks are compatible with 1-7/8" towball. All other towball mounted racks, namely the Enduro 2 & 4 and E-Rack 2 must be mounted to a 50 mm towball.

Can I use an interchangeable towball?

No. Interchangeable balls (where you can swap the head of the ball to change the ball size) are not rated for bike racks and our towball clamps are not compatible with them.

My rack keeps turning on the ball, what do I do?

First, check your towball is the correct size for the rack.

Second, check you have followed our fitting instructions in the manual or check out our handy videos.

Third, check the towball is nice and tight. A handy way of doing this is popping your head under and turning the rack; from there you will be able to see if the towball is turning by watching the skirt or the nut of the ball.

Finally, if you are installing the rack on the correct towball and following the correct procedure and your towball is nice and tight, then give us a call. Our racks are rock solid so let us help make sure that is the case.


A long, long time. Our racks are built from quality materials at class leading factories. If you maintain your rack and follow our suggestions on how to care for it, you will see your rack lasting a very long time. We keep a healthy supply of spare parts to make sure your rack is ready to ride every day.

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