At Ezigrip we take pride in the quality of our products. Our bike racks have gone through rigorous testing to ensure they last the test of time. That said, anything can break given just the right amount of time, wear, or misfortune.

Our racks come with a 3 year base warranty plus an additional 2 years when registered on our website.

Do i need to register my rack for warranty?

You do not need to register your bike rack to be covered under the base 3 year warranty. If you want to gain access to an additional 2 years, then you must register the rack online here.

If you purchased a rack form us directly online (via ezigrip.com or ezigrip.co.nz) then you product has automatically been registered and you have the full 5 year warranty.

What is not covered under warranty?

Our warranty does not cover damage resulting from improper
installation, misuse, abuse, neglect, modification, failure to perform
maintenance as instructed or unauthorized repair or service.

What happens once a claim has been submitted?

Once your claim has been submitted, it will be reviewed by our team. If a defect is found, we will under our own discretion repair or replace the product.

General Notes and Cautions

The owner is responsible for installing the Ezigrip bike rack inaccordance with the installation instructions in the Owners Manual. The owner should attach the Ezigrip bike rack only to towbars for which it has been designed. The manufacturer shall not be liable if the Ezigrip bike rack has been altered, damaged or rendered non-functional through incorrect installation or attachment.

The Ezigrip bike rack is designed to carry bicycles. Do not use the Ezigrip bike rack for purposes other than for which it is designed or exceed the recommended maximum number and/or weight of bicycles prescribed as this will invalidate the warranty. Offroad use is not recommended and could result in damage to your vehicle, hitch receiver, or bicycles. Ezigrip is not for the transportation of tandem or recumbent bicycles, bicycles with attachments such as baby seats.

Make a claim

To make sure we are all on the same page, you can upload photos of your issue. Ideally, you've taken pictures of the issue from several different angles and distances in good light conditions. Pictures of the complete rack mounted on the vehicle are also helpful.

Accepts file types: jpg, png

had a wee incident?

Did you back into a bollard or bottom out on a steep driveway? We got you covered. We have a huge range of spare parts so you can repair your rack and get riding again.