Review of the Ezigrip Enduro 2 bike rack

March 12 2024

Bike racks are an essential piece of gear for many cyclists, especially those who aren't fortunate enough to live within riding distance of trails. Which is where our Enduro 2 bike rack comes in handy; it's a lightweight, cost-effective option in the tow ball mounted bike rack market. The Enduro 2 is packed with essential features and tailored to a broad range of analog-powered bikes, all the while remaining affordable and user-friendly.

Nick Waygood - AMB Magazine - 16th Feb 2024

"incredible value and a very versatile design"

A woman is leaning over an Enduro 2 bike rack that is mounted to the towball of a ute.


Taking a closer look, the Ezigrip Enduro 2 is a two-bike platform-style bike rack that mounts directly to a 50 mm towball. It boasts a 30kg weight capacity for two bikes, with a generous 250mm spacing between mounts to prevent any unfortunate pedal-meets-carbon incidents. Additionally, the Enduro 2 includes adjustable wheel trays, accommodating wheelbases up to 1400mm, making it suitable for a variety of bike lengths.

A close up view of the lightboard on the Ezigrip Enduro 2 bike rack

Mounting the Enduro 2 to a car is a breeze, thanks to its 7.8kg weight; it takes just 15 seconds for one person. Simply drop the rack onto a standard 50mm towball and tighten the towball clamps to keep the rack securely in place. The low price tag includes a light board attachment, which snaps onto the rack supports and connects to the standard 7-pin plug. Cable ties are provided to keep the plug's cable tucked away, and a lock secures the rack to the towball.

The upright of the rack is adjustable to help fit a variety of bikes and it can be folded down completely to make for a smaller footprint when storing the rack, or to get some much needed boot access.

An Ezigrip Enduro 2 bike rack is mounted to the tow ball of a ute. The upright of the bike rack is folded down and the ute tailgate is open.

Quick assembly, quick loading

Assembly of the Enduro 2 is simple, requiring only a Phillips-head screwdriver and a 4 mm Allen key, both of which are included. Once assembled and mounted, loading bikes onto the rack is straightforward, with three ratchet straps securing each bike—one on each wheel and one on the top tube or downtube. The frame cradle that straps to the bike frame can rotate and articulate to fit most bike geometries.


Our Enduro 2 was recently tested by Nick Waygood over at AMB Magazine. He found the rack to be "very user-friendly in assembly, car mounting, and bike mounting, while also offering a strong base of features that have this rack suit a wide array of bikes". To read more on what Nick thought about the Enduro 2, head here to read the complete review.


We made the EziGrip Enduro 2 as a versatile and user friendly rack that doesn't break the bank. We included features you need, and none you don't so the price is right. The Enduro 2 is an excellent choice for most cyclists, whether couples or weekend warriors, looking for a reliable and affordable way to transport their bikes. 

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