My rack can turn on the towball, what should I do?

First, check to see if your towball is loose. Pop your head under the towball to look at the nut and try turning the rack again. Can you see the nut moving? If yes, you need to tighten up your towball.

Towball nice and tight but your rack is still turning? Better check you are using the correct towball for that rack. Check the Fitting Instructions or consult our FAQ “What towball should I use?”.

So your towball is tight with a CAPITAL T, and your towball is definitely the right type for that rack, but the rack STILL TURNS… Time to watch some handy videos - head to our video library to make sure you are installing the rack correctly. Head here.

Can I use a 1-7/8" towball?

You can use a 1-7/8″ towball with the Advantage rack ONLY. The towball cannot be a goose-neck ball as it must have a tongue plate for the riser tube of the Advantage rack to sit on.

The Enduro and E-Rack series are designed for 50mm towballs ONLY - this can be either a 50 mm gooseneck/euro ball or a NZ/AU Standard 50 mm ball.

Can I use an interchangeable towball?

Interchangeable towballs (sometimes called Convert-a-ball) are not compatible with towball mounted bike racks. This is due to their non standard shape / design. Using interchangeable towballs with our bike racks will void warranty as they could cause damage to the rack.

What towball do I need?

It’s best to always check your Fitting Instructions. But here is a quick reference.


  • 50mm and 1-7/8" towball's
  • NOT interchangeable or European gooseneck towballs.
  • European towbars do not have a flat platform for the riser tube of the bike rack to sit on.


NZ standard 50 mm towball or European gooseneck/ISO 50 mm towballs

I don't have a towball. What should I do?

That’s ok – not everyone does. We have boot mounted racks available for just that reason. These racks strap on to the boot of a vehicle. Check out our range here.

How will i know if the rack works with my vehicle?

We have tried to make our racks suitable for all types of vehicles. We have even included some handy illustrations with critical dimensions on each Product Detail page (see under "SIZING" tab).

Use the dimensions in that illustration to measure how the rack sits with your vehicle. Be sure to check if the handle bars clear your back windshield/canopy. You can do this by adding your handlebar width to the indicated inside wheel tray, and measure that in relation to your towball/hitch. If this sounds confusing, we'd be happy to assist you.

How will i know if the rack will fit my bike?

There are three main points to consider.

  1. What tire width is it? Does the rack have a wheel cradle with a size limit?
  2. What wheelbase is the bike? That is the axle-axle length of the bike. Our racks will indicate what the wheelbase limit is.
  3. How heavy is the bike? Our racks are built to an allowable capacity and it varies depending on the rack. Check the racks weight capacity and please be mindful that there are per bike limits and total capacities.
What's your return policy?

Ezigrip offer a 30-day return period on NEW AND UNUSED products purchased from us directly. If you are not satisfied for any reason, you may return your item to us for a refund. Sale items are non refundable.

Refunds will only be given on the purchase price of the goods. Shipping costs are not refundable.

Navigate to the returns tab to start this process.

What are your shipping costs?

Our shipping costs depend on what you are buying and where you live.

We have endeavored to reduce shipping costs and delays by having our products warehouse at multiple locations.

To make it much easier, we have added a handy shipping estimator right in the CART so you won't be surprised at checkout.

How long will shipping take?

That depends on what you are buying and where you are. We have tried to make shipping affordable and fast by housing stock in multiple locations. We also send tracking information to you so you can see monitor the progress yourself.

If it feels like it's taking a while for your product to arrive then it is likely something went astray so please contact us and we will get it sorted for you.

How long is the warranty?

All our products come with a 3 year warranty as standard, plus an additional 2 years once registered online.

Navigate to the product registration tab to initiate this.

Is accidental damaged covered under warranty?

No it is not, but we stock a full range of replacement parts at reasonable prices to get you out riding again.

If you can't see the part listed here then please contact us so we can get you sorted.

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