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Introducing the Ezigrip E-Rack 2 Pro e bike rack

May 24 2024
The Ezigrip E-Rack 2 Pro e bike rack is mounted to a van with two electric (ebikes) sitting snugly on the bike rack

The Ezigrip E-Rack 2 was a favourite amongst our eager ebike riders and for good reason, it was robust, stylish, easy-to-use and a price that made sense. As time ticked on, we listened to our customers and heard they loved the rack if only it could take fat ebikes, or if only it had a hitch mount. So we took all their advice and we improved our E-Rack 2 and created the E-RACK 2 PRO - TOWBALL and E-RACK 2 PRO - HITCH.

Hamish Parker - Managing Director of Ezigrip

"we listen to our customers and the E-Rack 2 Pro reflects that"


There was a lot to love about the E-Rack 2, so of course we kept those details in the E-Rack 2 Pro. Details like:

  • Robust carrying capacity capable of hauling 2x 30 kg ebikes 
  • Lockable padded frame clamps to keep ebikes safe and secure*
  • Tilts away from the vehicle while fully loaded to give boot access
  • Fold up neatly for tidy storage
  • Integrated lights to keep you visible on the roads
A man is leaning into the boot of a van while the Ezigrip E-Rack 2 Pro is tilted fully loaded with two electric bikes


The biggest and most exciting change to the E-Rack 2 Pro is the new hitch based mounting system. We still have a tow ball mounted option of course, but for people who do not want to deal with swapping between a 50 mm tow ball for their bike rack and a 1-7/8" tow ball for their caravan, a hitch based mount is more convenient. Simply remove the tongue, and mount the rack directly into the hitch receiver. The hitch mounted E-Rack 2 Pro also means greater clearance from the vehicle; an important feature for people with vans or ute canopies.

On the left is a man fitting the E-Rack 2 Pro with the tow ball mount onto a ute and on the right the same man is fitting the E-Rack 2 Pro with the hitch mount to a van


The E-Rack 2 Pro now features wheel trays that can accommodate up to 4" wide tires, perfect for fat ebikes. We even widened the ramp accessory to make rolling those fat ebikes into position even easier. But wait, there is more. We added a handy telescoping feature to the ramp so storing the ramp while not in use is a simple task; just loosen the wing nuts and slide the parts together.

A close up view of the E-Rack 2 Pro Ramp accessory attached to the E-Rack 2 Pro electric bike rack


We love glancing back in the review mirror and seeing our ebikes riding firmly in position. That is in part thanks to the anti-sway strap on the front tire. We've done away with the rubber webbing strap and replaced it with a rotating cradle and ratchet strap that is easy to use and eliminates all the front wheel sway during your journey. 

An Ezigrip E-Rack 2 Pro is attached to the back of a van with two electric bikes loaded


A lot of us roll our ebikes onto our racks, and when you are working with heavy ebikes its nice to have all the help you can get. Our E-Rack 2 Pro now features wheel guides between the wheel trays to help keep the ebike in position while you roll it along.

A man is rolling an electric bike up a ramp onto the Ezigrip E-Rack 2 Pro which is mounted on the back of a van


Our E-Rack 2 Pro takes the same core design of our popular E-Rack 2 and sprinkles in that bit extra that makes everything all the better. The rack was built with ebikes in mind and has the robustness and security that all ebike racks demand, with features that make it even easier to use.  

*Locks are theft deterrents

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The silhouette of a truck with a bike rack mounted on the back and two riders wheeling their bikes into position.
The silhouette of a truck with a bike rack mounted on the back and two riders wheeling their bikes into position.

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An Ezigrip Enduro 4 bike rack is moutned to the tow ball of a vehicle without any mountian bikes loaded. The uprights of the bike rack are down and all the frame cradles and straps are clearly visible